Power chucks with quick change jaw system

The power chucks type 2405 SWS designed specifically for mass production. Thanks to the quick-change jaw system, the time required for the jaw changeover is reduced to a few seconds. They can be modified according to customer needs.


Power chucks with centering insert

The power chucks type 2488 thanks to their construction of high-quality alloy steel have a high load capacity and the eccentricity compensation system provides a solid performance and a long operational life.


Large diameter self-cenetring and independent chucks

The self-centering scroll chucks with independent jaw adjustment or combined chucks (Wescott) are available in sizes of 800-2000mm and are designed for clamping workpieces with large diameters. Available with standard or special jaws.


Dead lenght collets

The dead lenght collets DIN 6343 173E and 185E are designed for clamping workpieces on turret lathes, single and multi- spindle automatic machines. Available in round, square and hexagon shapes.


Power chucks interchangeable with Kitagawa

The power chucks are fully compatible with Kitagawa chucks. The unique design of the drawbar provides its rigidity and enables direct power transmission to the master jaws in the area of their guides.


Clamping elements

The clamping elements are used in turning, drilling, reaming and milling of irrregular shaped workpieces. Thanks to the unique design solutions it is possible to obtain high clamping forces with little operator effort.


Modular clamping system

The modular clamping systems used in precision vices increase the capacity of machine-tool table, reducing workpiece changeover time and increasing productivity. Posibility of using numerous of jaws enables easy adjustment to the shape of the machined workpieces.


Jaws compatible with Rohm self-centering scroll chucks

The jaws compatibile with Röhm 3-jaw self-centering scroll chucks.


Claw jaws

The claw jaws are designed specifically to bite into the workpiece surface to hold the workpiece securely. They are designed for rough-machining and perfectly suited for this type of operations.